RAGE - Wings Of Rage

March 1, 2020, a month ago

(Nuclear Blast)

Rich Catino

Rating: 8.5

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RAGE - Wings Of Rage

24th album from Germany’s Rage, bassist/singer Peter "Peavy" Wagner the lone original member joined by the same guitarist and drummer since 2015. The band spent the ‘80s and part of the ‘90s playing primarily speed metal, crossing over into power and prog into the 2000s, then after doing a little bit of everything. Last few albums; 21, The Devil Strikes Again, and Seasons Of The Black fell short compared to the previous ten years/Victor Smolski (ex-guitarist) era, too one dimensional, too much too soon? 

Wings Of Rage in arrangements, riffing, grooves, feels better, catchier. Appears “True” the screaming female victim is in trouble from the monster in the artwork, and the track packs a classic Rage punch mixing speed and power. “Let Them Rest In Peace” hits with a more modern delivery and brutal vocal accents, great swing to the riffs, bass, and drums in “Chasing The Twilight Zone” and uptake in tempo for the chorus, classic Rage composition. Straight to the point, accenting leads and great soloing, “Tomorrow” is old school Rage and the title track reminisces of “10 Years In Rage”/“Black In Mind”/ “End Of All Days”.  “A Nameless Grave” seems connected to “In Nameless Time” with great complimenting orchestrations; Rage always did these more melodic proggy/power, XIII (1998), era songs so well. Melodic guitars and somber vocals on ballad “Shine A Light”, while “Higher Than The Sky Will 2.0” is a beefed up track by the same name on End Of All Days; a full throttle romper.

Overall their strongest album since Strings To A Web, combining ingredients from the above mentioned other albums.

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