KREATOR - London Apocalypticon: Live At The Roundhouse

February 25, 2020, a month ago

(Nuclear Blast)

Mark Gromen

Rating: 7.0

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KREATOR - London Apocalypticon: Live At The Roundhouse

Recorded in December 2018, this 17 song package can be augmented with video footage, as well as an additional pair of full concert performances from Chile and a Czech summer festival, depending upon the format (and how much dough one wants to part with). While the South American date essentially sees the same setlist, with a little juggling, the Euro gig offers more variety and 22 tracks, in total.

Interesting (especially having seen Mille & crew repeatedly overseas), a heavy dose (five cuts) of Gods Of Violence (which upon its '17 release, was ALSO available with a live DVD) and the opening pair off Phantom Antichrist, while seminal tunes are left out. By almost two-to-one, there are more offerings since the 2001 reformation than the classic ‘80s material: no "Coma Of Souls", "Extreme Aggression", "Terrible Certainty", or "Endless Pain". From Violent Revolution, "Reconquering The Throne" is absent and only the titular option is included from my favorite, Enemy Of God (although it is a GREAT opener!). With a 38 year career, tough to fill everyone's wish list.

It is odd how many subtle interludes there are, especially early. After "Choir Of The Damned" intro, "Enemy Of God" crushes, but a sing-songy melody begins & ends "Hail To The Hordes". Petrozza speaks atop Ventor's lone kick drum, heading into the bedlam that is "Awakening Of The Gods", where the frontman dedicates the song to the old school metal people, with, "Kill each other now!" Acoustic intermezzo to begin "Gods Of Violence" (some clap along, but mostly just auditory noise, awaiting the next piece). Another protracted interval of stage silence (distant tolling church bells) prior to pummeling "Satan Is Real" and reprised afterward, leading into atmospheric "Mars Mantra". All within the initial half or the running order. Maybe it's the missing vintage numbers, but I just want Kreator to rock (thrash) out!

Fortunately, it's more pedal-to-the-metal on the latter half, with a trio of stone cold classics, plus "Violent Revolution" getting an airing. Mille's vocals are clean and way up in the pristine mix (riffing guitars a little too low to start "People Of The Lie" though). Guess this one's for the latest fans of the band, as there's now been the '14 Wacken DVD, '12 Oberhausen package (aka Dying Alive) and this, potentially three gigs, all over the course of just two studio albums. Take your pick!

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