VIRGIN STEELE - Conan Meets Wagner!

May 10, 2003, 16 years ago

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According to, VIRGIN STEELE leader David DeFeis has completed over 40 pieces of Music for the Lillith Project. He has recorded and sent over to the Theatre for the upcoming performances 11 instrumental pieces and 18 songs. The project will debut this summer in Germany with Walter Weyers of the Landestheater Schwaben.

These works, plus all the others not used but already prepared, make enough material for perhaps the next 3 or 4 Virgin Steele albums. Some song titles include: ‘When Gods Dream (Raging Lust In Heaven)’, ‘And In The Red Sea...’, ‘The Hidden God’, ‘Adorned With The Rising Cobra’, ‘In The Prison Of Your Sleep’, ‘The Ineffable Name’, ‘Angel Of Death’ and ‘Childslayer’.

The site comments: “We believe these works to be epic, bombastic and totally full on Metal, sort of like Conan the Barbarian meets Wagner in a dark gothic cave. Several tracks contain a very eerie, dark haunting quality that would be very much at home in a horror movie such as The Omen, The Ninth Gate or The Exorcist.

DeFeis adds: "I don't think of it as a Metal Opera. What it really is, is the soundtrack for a major motion picture that has yet to be made! And by the fucking hammer of Zeus, I will make this film one day. I call this work a Barbaric Romantic movie of the mind."

The premier will be held in Memmingen, Germany on June 24th

In related news, Virgin Steele will be appearing live at The Summer Day In Hell Festival on June 28th and the Agglutination Festival on August 9th in Italy.

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