THE SPIRIT Streaming New Single “Serpent As Time Reveals”

November 8, 2019, 8 months ago

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THE SPIRIT Streaming New Single “Serpent As Time Reveals”

After recently announcing that their sophomore album Cosmic Terror will be released on February 7 via AOP Records, Germany's black/death sensation The Spirit have revealed their first single, “Serpent As Time Reveals”.

“‘Serpent As Time Reveals’ was the first song I wrote for our second album, Cosmic Terror, and by far the one that needed the most time. I would be lying if I said I hadn't felt a certain pressure at the time, after raising the bar for our own standards with our debut. Once the song was finished, it felt like a real liberation for me and served as an essential motivation boost for the songwriting of the rest of the album. We picked the track as our first single, since it seemed like the best transition between the first release and the new one." - M.T.

The result are seven raging anthems, consisting of genuine guitar work, the suffocating emptiness of the cosmos and extensive instrumental passages - which even attracted nearby snakes to the studio's terrace during the recording! And M.T.’s lifelong passion for prog rock can also not be denied at certain moments of the record.

Finalized with a unique cover artwork by French ”Metastazis”-artist Valnoir, Cosmic Terror tears the listener into a musical catharsis and will be released through AOP Records on February 7, 2020.

Cosmic Terror is now ready for pre-order and the seven new tracks will be available in the following formats:

CD (Jewelcase)
Vinyl - black
Vinyl - blue (AOP exclusive, limited to 99 copies)
Vinyl - blue with black splatter (band exclusive, limited to 99 copies)
Vinyl - green (Nuclear Blast exclusive, limited to 99 copies)

Preorder here.

Recorded at the Woodshed Studios in the spring of 2019 with producer V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress) and the Iguana Studios (drums), the follow-up to Sounds From The Vortex (2017) consists of seven raging anthems, full of genuine guitar work and extensive instrumental passages that skids right into the vast emptiness of the cosmos.


“Serpent As Time Reveals”
“Strive For Salvation”
“Repugnant Human Scum”
“The Path Of Solitude”
“Pillars Of Doom”
“The Wide Emptiness”
“Cosmic Terror”

"Serpent As Time Reveals":

(Photo by: Anne C. Swallow)

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