TESLA - Spotify Event Scheduled For Later Today

March 27, 2020, 10 days ago

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TESLA - Spotify Event Scheduled For Later Today

To celebrate the March 27th release of their new live set, Five Man London Jam, Tesla bassist Brian Wheat will participate in an album listening party and live chat at 1pm EST Friday afternoon on Spotify.

The band have released the video below, featuring their performance of The Beatles' classic, "We Can Work It Out", featured on the new release.

Five Man London Jam was recorded and filmed in 4K high-definition as an homage to their critically acclaimed and highly influential Top 20 platinum album Five Man Acoustical Jam. Five Man London Jam will be available in multiple formats including Blu-ray, 2LP vinyl, CD and digitally.

Watch the official video for electrifying lead single “What You Give" (Live), below.

The recording of this live album took place when Tesla visited the famed iconic recording studio Abbey Road Studios for a one-night musical event capturing the band performing songs from their legendary arsenal including “Love Song” and “What You Give” along with their classic covers of “Signs” and “We Can Work It Out.” Additionally, the band performed live for the first-time-ever their new song “California Summer Song” from their latest album Shock including “Tied To The Tracks” and “Forever Loving You”.

Order your copy of Five Man London Jam at this location. For merchandise and bundle packages, click here.


"Cumin' Atcha Live" / "Truckin'"
"Tied To The Tracks"
"We Can Work It Out"
"What You Give"
"California Summer Song"
"Forever Loving You"
"Miles Away"
"Call It What You Want"
"Stir It Up"
"Into The Now"
"Love Song"

"Signs" (Live At Abbey Road Studios) video:

"What You Give" (Live At Abbey Road Studios) video:

The Blu-Ray includes a bonus interview with the band, reflecting on the 30th anniversary of Five Man Acoustical Jam, and performing for the first time at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

One of the world’s most celebrated and enduring rock bands with a diehard, loyal fanbase, Tesla has enjoyed international chart, radio, and tour success for nearly 35 years, with multi-platinum albums and global album sales topping 15 million.

That they are still roaring and soaring should be no surprise. That’s just how they are built. Tesla may have been born in the mid ‘80s eruption of excess, but this band has never been about those things. Their bluesy, soulful sound is strongly embedded in the roots of organic, authentic 1970s rock and roll. The same roots that produced bands like the Allman Brothers, Grand Funk Railroad, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Aerosmith.

Tesla’s legacy is alive and well as they continue to record and sellout venues all over the world. As worn in and comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, Tesla endures because they are a celebration of the greatest spirits of rock and roll.

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