TAX THE HEAT Release The Medicine Sessions: Episode Seven: Beer Tasting At Ghost Whale; Video

March 14, 2018, 9 months ago

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TAX THE HEAT Release The Medicine Sessions: Episode Seven: Beer Tasting At Ghost Whale; Video

Nuclear Blast Entertainment have released the new album from Tax The Heat, entitled Change Your Position. The album is available as CD and digital. The band have released a new video trailer, entitled The Medicine Sessions Episode Seven: Beer Tasting At Ghost Whale. Check it out below.

Change Your Position is the follow up to the 2016 critically-acclaimed debut album Fed To The Lions. The new album sees the band take a huge step forward as both songwriters and performers. The band's unique blend of fuzz-driven rock with a modern alternative twist has won them a legion of fans. The album stamps its authority right from the off with the taut "Money In The Bank" (also the first single). From the staccato stomp of "Playing With Fire" to the huge riffs of "Cut Your Chains," from the garage rock of "On The Run" to the slow groove and instant lyrical hit of "All That Medicine". Change Your Position is a lean, focused album loaded with an energy that is set to propel the band to headline status.

The driving rhythms of Jack Taylor (drums) and Antonio Angotti (bass) are overlaid with the powerful riffs of JP Jacyshyn (guitars) and distinctive melodies of Alex Veale (vocals, guitars).

"If an album is about capturing a band or artist at a certain point, Change Your Position might have happened at the perfect time. As a band we toured, found our sound, found our place and took inspiration from a world in utter chaos. With Change Your Position we pushed ourselves creatively as hard as we could and it took us further into ourselves than we expected - we hope it's apparent to the listener." - Alex Veale


“Money In The Bank”
“Change Your Position”
“Playing With Fire”
“All That Medicine”
“On The Run”
“The Last Time”
“Taking The Hit”
“My Headspace”
“We Are Consumers”
“Cut Your Chains”
“Wearing A Disguise”
“The Symphony Has Begun”

“Change Your Position” video:

“All That Medicine” lyric video:

“Money In The Bank” video:

The Medicine Sessions: Episode One:

The Medicine Sessions: Episode Two:

The Medicine Sessions: Episode Three:

The Medicine Sessions: Episode Four:

The Medicine Sessions: Episode Five:

The Medicine Sessions: Episode Six:

The Medicine Sessions: Episode Seven:

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