NAPALM DEATH Live At France's Nantes Deathfist 2020 Festival; HQ Multi-Cam Video Streaming

April 6, 2020, 2 months ago

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NAPALM DEATH Live At France's Nantes Deathfist 2020 Festival; HQ Multi-Cam Video Streaming

Violent Motion has released pro-shot, multi-cam footage of Napalm Death's performance at the Nantes Deathfist festival at the Warehouse in Nantes, France on February 28. Watch below.


"I Abstain
"Silence Is Deafening"
"The Wolf I Feed"
"Can't Play, Won't Pay"
"Social Sterility"
"Logic Ravaged By Brute Force"
"Suffer The Children"
"If The Truth Be Known"
"Human Garbage"
"When All Is Said And Done"
"Mass Appeal Madness"
"Unchallenged Hate"
"You Suffer"
"Smash A Single Digit"
"Cleanse Impure"
"Nazi Punks Fuck Off " (Dead Kennedys cover)
"White Kross" (Sonic Youth cover)

Century Media is reissuing five albums from Napalm Death’s back catalogue. These are one time reissues, limited to 500 copies each. The CDs are expected to ship on May 5, preorders available here.

Albums include: Utilitarian (2012), Time Waits For No Slave (2009), The Code Is Red…Long Live The Code (2005), Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 (2004), and Apex Predator – Easy Meat (2015).

Napalm Death recently released a new 7" / digital EP, entitled "Logic Ravaged By Brute Force", via Century Media Records.

The EP includes the brand-new title track, as well as a freshly recorded cover version of "White Kross", originally by Sonic Youth. This double-A-side EP is not only another collectible item in the good old Napalm Death tradition, but is also meant as a first teaser for the band's upcoming studio album, expected for release later in 2020.

Frontman Mark "Barney" Greenway: "In keeping with Napalm Death custom, we had a vast swathe of new songs with many different flavours. So then naturally we moved into single territory and opted for 'Logic Ravaged By Brute Force'. It's the coldness and desperation of the guitar chords and voice that swung it. And then, seeing as Sonic Youth mash chords like few others, this cover of 'White Kross' just seemed to lift itself beyond the constraints of cover - or filler - song into a bit of a rumbling wall-of-sound epic."

"Logic Ravaged By Brute Force" 7" EP is issued in the following versions:

- Black vinyl - Unlimited
- Blue vinyl - 200x copies via CM Distro Europe (Sold Out)
- Light Green vinyl - 100x copies via CM Webshop Europe (Sold Out)
- Neon Yellow vinyl - 100x copies via CM Webshop USA (out February 28, Sold Out)
- Orange vinyl - 600x - Available exclusively from the band on the road

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