METALLICA - Lady Justice Funko POP! Figure Available For Pre-Order

September 15, 2018, 10 months ago

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METALLICA - Lady Justice Funko POP! Figure Available For Pre-Order

Metallica have checked in with the following update:

"Joining James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert…Lady Justice is the newest member of the Metallica Funko POP! Rocks family, perfect for every collector. The stylized Lady Justice stands 3 3/4 inches tall, comes in a window display box, and is available for pre-order now."

Pre-order your own Lady Justice here.

Another Pinnacle Bank Arena-related record was set Thursday night, reports Lincoln Journal Star.

It wasn’t the largest attendance ever. The 15,000-plus who turned out to see Metallica was the second-biggest concert crowd in the arena’s history. Nor did the show have the highest beer sales. It wasn’t the longest show by a featured artist. And there's no way to measure whether it was, musically, the heaviest.

But the production for the thrash-metal quartet's concert was literally the heaviest - setting a record for the most weight that has hung from the arena's rigging grid, a rectangular collection of steel beams that is attached to the major trusses that hold up the 5-year-old building's roof. That number alone - at least 190,000 pounds, with a "dynamic weight" of up to 240,000 pounds - is mind-boggling. It is even more impressive because the show was performed on a stage in the center of the arena, with all the production gear, sound and lighting, hung in a circle in the middle of the building.

Metallica's lighting system is made up of cubes with built-in lights and video screens that move up and down throughout the show. The dropping of the cubes creates the dynamic weight that pulls down on the rigging. That setup required 158 rigging points, and a Wednesday pre-rigging to get them ready for the Thursday morning load-in. Pre-rigging, which sets the points and gets the cords to lift the equipment ready, can be a long, complicated process.

Read the full report at Lincoln Journal Star.

Footage of Metallica performing the Death Magnetic album track "The Unforgiven III" at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska on September 6th can be seen below:

Find the band's live itinerary here.

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