MARYANN COTTON Reunites With Original Lineup; New Album Coming

December 3, 2019, 7 months ago

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MARYANN COTTON Reunites With Original Lineup; New Album Coming

The original Maryann Cotton group is reunited and will kick off their North American tour in February followed by their fourth studio album coming in April 2020.

The original lineup broke up in Los Angeles, California and has been away from each other for three years.

Maryann says: “We just saw each other the other day, and it just felt right!”

The band is now putting the finishing touches to their new album, and Maryann Cotton is doing the last vocal parts before the mix and mastering.

Cotton says drugs and alcohol killed the band:

''When we stopped and took a break from this line-up 3 years ago, we ended in a very bad way, it was the last day of the tour and people was fried and drained. It was our first big American tour with a few sold out shows, everything was overwhelming for a new upcoming band - but the tour life, and travel circumstances were definitely not luxurious, far from it! Girls and parties took away all the focus from the shows, and it quickly became the way for us to survive. Usually we would wake up an hour before show time, and some concerts had to be canceled. Later on that whole lifestyle led to major health problems, and ended up killing the band and our friendship.
We are all alpha males in the band, and everybody wanted to ‘run the show’, we were fighting with each other constantly, and only focused on all the negative things.

“Last time we saw each other was in Beverly Hills, California and that was the last time we spoke to our drummer Shawn (Kernon) after the last party of the tour. People travelled back home overseas and didn’t even say goodbye to each other. I guess we needed that break!

“We continued with a new line-up the year after, which was a failure. Major health issues in the band, I personally was dealing with a lot drama in my private life, and in the band alcohol started speaking louder than the concerts. We lost our sound, and the spark, so we took a whole year off in 2019 to restart the engines, I started writing new music in Las Vegas for our new album and around Halloween this year, we decided to reform the original band and lineup.

''I believe that it was good for the band to go through the hard times, and we definitely needed a break. But it only made us stronger, and WE WILL be back stronger than ever with our new album. Everyone is so passionate and dedicated to the band now, because what happened is that people started to miss each other and all the good things we had together, - you start to realize it after a few years away from each other. We have all gone through the same thing in our private lives, and we can definitely feel the new energy and blood, our strong friendship is back and our fans and the people out there will definitely see our strongest live performances to date.”

The first tour dates for the 'Holy' North American tour will be announced next week.


Maryann Cotton – vocals
Hal Patino – bass
Sebastian Sly – guitar
Shawn Kernon – drums 

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