LEE AARON - "I Don't Define Myself Or Equate My Worth By What The Industry Thinks Of Me"

February 14, 2019, 6 months ago

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LEE AARON - "I Don't Define Myself Or Equate My Worth By What The Industry Thinks Of Me"

Canadian rocker Lee Aaron is featured in a new interview with Niagara Falls Review. An excerpt is available below.

Review: You were front and centre for the heavy metal scene of the '80s. Would it have ever survived the #MeToo era?

Aaron: "Ha, ha! Absolutely not. When I look back at what was passable in the '80s and even '90s as acceptable, it's crazy. As well as what may have been going on behind closed doors, women were totally objectified in rock videos — getting sprayed down with water or lap dancing on the hood of cars — things that would be considered outrageously sexist today. There was always that battle with the record company for me to not be that girl. My intention with songs and videos like 'Some Girls Do' and 'Whatcha Do To My Body' was to shout gender equality loud and clear, to encourage women to take their power back."

Review: What is your relationship with 'Metal Queen' these days? Do you play it out of obligation or have you found a way to enjoy it?

Aaron: "The more I've talked to fans over the years, the more I've come to understand how much the song means to them. I went through a phase of not wanting to play it because of the negative labels the media had attached to it, and to me — sexism and risky lifestyle — because of the genre, not because of the actual song. When you have a huge body of work and you're labelled for one tune, it's disheartening. But to fans, men and women alike, it's an anthem of strength and empowerment, which was the original intent of the song. Stupid video, yes, but hey, it was a product of 1984."

Review: What do your kids say when they see old videos of you on YouTube?

Aaron: "They used to think mom was pretty cool but now that they are young teens they say things like "Cringy …" about my old videos. I can apparently embarrass my daughter simply by walking too close to her in a shopping mall. Having a 14-year-old is a whole new challenge."

Review: Did parenthood change your attitude about the industry?

Aaron: "I think parenthood changes everyone, doesn't it? It's the most humbling and enlightening experience of all. It definitely gets your priority list in line and the world in perspective. I still adore rock music and being Lee Aaron is still a whole ton of fun, but I don't define myself or equate my worth by what the industry thinks of me."

Read the complete interview here.

Lee Aaron guitarist Sean Kelly recently posted the following update:

"Ottawa, Toronto, and Niagara Falls...you're up next for the Diamond Baby Blues tour with the one and only Lee Aaron and her band of rock n roll brothers John Cody, Dave Reimer, and this here long haired axe slinger. See y'all soon!"

Details are as follows:

14 - Brass Monkey - Ottaway, ON
15 - Rockpile - Toronto, ON
16 - Seneca Queen Theatre - Niagara Falls, ON

Watch for details of Lee Aaron’s Power, Soul, and Rock N' Roll Tour and a new live album release coming early 2019.

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