HATE's Auric Gates Of Veles Album Out Now; Full Album Stream Available

June 14, 2019, 3 months ago

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HATE's Auric Gates Of Veles Album Out Now; Full Album Stream Available

Hate have released their 11th full-length, Auric Gates Of Veles, via Metal Blade Records. A full album stream can be found below. The new album can be ordered here.

Since 1991, Hate have lived up to their name, responsible for some of the angriest and most ruthless death metal unleashed upon the world. With 2017's Tremendum, they took a step toward a darker, more atmospheric, black metal-oriented style and began exploring Slavonic mysticism, and new album Auric Gates Of Veles boldly continues in that direction.

"We wanted to go deeper into the subject, both musically and lyrically," asserts vocalist/guitarist ATF Sinner. "We also wanted to record a sharper and better defined rhythm section, a more death metal-oriented one. When it comes to guitar sound, it was meant to be a wall of sonic destruction with dark ambient elements in the background."

To say that they achieved that which they set out to create is an understatement, for Auric Gates Of Veles is a titanic record that is both more organic and dynamic sounding, and may well be the finest of their storied career.

With the ominous rumble that heralds the commencement of opener "Seventh Manvantara" giving way to a squall of guitars and blastbeats, it is clear that Hate are playing at the top of their game. Progressing through the rampant thrashing and wide open spaces of "The Volga's Veins", the haunting, crushing grooves of the title track, the equally sinister and tragic sounds of "Salve Ignis" and concluding with the raw black metal of closer "Generation Sulphur", it is a diverse record, not content to rehash the same idea eight times. The centerpiece of the album is arguably the six and a half minute epic thunder of "Sovereign Sanctity", which demands the full attention of the listener from start to finish.

"We wanted the songs to sound like anthems, and 'Sovereign Sanctity' is a perfect example of such a song. I think it's also one of the best we have written in years," Sinner states.

Auric Gates Of Veles tracklisting:

"Seventh Manvantara"
"The Volga's Veins"
"Sovereign Sanctity"
"Path To Arkhen"
"Auric Gates Of Veles"
"Salve Ignis"
"Generation Sulphur"
"In The Shrine Of Veles" (Pre-Production) *ltd. digi bonus track
"Path To Arkhen" (Pre-Production) *ltd. digi bonus track

Album stream:

"Sovereign Sanctity" video:

Hate lineup:

ATF Sinner - vocals, guitars
Pavulon - drums
Apeiron - bass (session)
Domin - guitar (session)

(Photo - Daniel Rusilowicz)

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