DON DOKKEN Talks Recovery From Spinal Surgery - "It's Like One Percent A Day Improvement"

February 14, 2020, 5 months ago

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DON DOKKEN Talks Recovery From Spinal Surgery - "It's Like One Percent A Day Improvement"

Back in January, Dokken frontman Don Dokken spoke with The Classic Metal Show about his recent spinal surgery, which took place in late 2019. According to Don, the surgery left his hands "dead." 

Don: "They don't move. It's very strange. I'm hoping that maybe some miracle will happen and slowly the nerves will reconnect and my hands will start working again. Or you're gonna hear about me in the newspaper, 'cause I'm gonna go to the surgeon's office and I'm gonna go over to the desk and I'm gonna pummel his face. And I'm serious. That guy fucked up. He was supposed to be the best of the best."

The Classic Metal Show caught up with Don last weekend, who offered an update on his condition. Check out the full interview below.

Don: "I'd say it's like one percent a day improvement. That's all I really can say. My hand or my arms has nothing to do with my singing. I can go on stage and sing. I've now become a leftie (laughs). I'm right-handed, man. And it's a learning curve when you have to do everything with your left hand, like eat and put your clothes on and drive the car with your left hand. It's a bit weird. But the right hand and the arm, honestly, truth be known, it's probably gonna be a year before it's back. But that's better than never. So I'm on the mend."

"I see stuff on the internet, like I'm on my deathbed. I'm like... no, actually, I'm driving and hiking with the dogs. I've got my cane (laughs. I'm out there and about. It was a bit of a shock, honestly, when I came out of surgery. Who goes into surgery and wakes up and they're completely paralyzed? It was a bit of a shock."

In spite of these physical issues, the upcoming Dokken / Lynch Mob tour that was announced in December 2019 will go ahead as planned. The shows will include a special encore performance featuring Don Dokken and Lynch Mob / former Dokken guitarist George Lynch. The first round of tour dates has been confirmed and can be viewed below.

6 - Biloxi, MS - Hard Rock Live ** 
7 - El Paso, TX - Speaking Rock Entertainment Center ** 
8 - Midland, TX - Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center ** 
28 - St. Charles, IL - Arcada Theatre **

25 - Mesa, AZ - Mesa Amphitheater **

30 - Las Vegas, NV - Fremont Street **

6 - Sunbury, PA - Spyglass Ridge Winery ** 
7 - St, Louis, MO - Hollywood, Casino Amphitheater

21-22 - West Hollywood, CA - Whisky A Go Go **

19 - San Antonio, TX - Rock Fest (Sunken Garden Theater)

** Don Dokken / George Lynch encore performance

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