DEMISE OF THE CROWN Unveil "Sparks Fly" Video

June 5, 2020, a month ago

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DEMISE OF THE CROWN Unveil "Sparks Fly" Video

Brandish your weapons and bare your teeth in the battle for new world order with metal quintet, Demise Of The Crown. Garnering a reputation for redefining modern metal with a sound that is a melting pot of styles, catchy choruses alongside explosive guitar solos and striking vocal techniques, the Montreal band unleashed their new album Life In The City this past April. 

Now, Demise Of The Crown has premiered their new music video "Sparks Fly":

Demise Of The Crown's music, written by guitarist Manuel Iradian and vocalist Darren Beadman, uses standard pop music songwriting skills to hook listeners into their irresistible and melodic metal sound. Iradian writes all the music, then hands it off to Kevin “Kevy Metal” to dress up each song with his high-speed, galloping rhythms, finally, Beadman crafts the anthemic lyrics rousing crowds to chant along with an anarchistic frenzy. Each song is rooted in all basic human emotions; anger, lust, depression, happiness, death, and revenge.

Influenced by headliners like Nevermore, Avenged Sevenfold, Opeth, Pantera, and Faith No More, the band is working their way up the royal bloodline to cause chaos right alongside their heroes.


“Dying Heat”
“Sparks Fly”
“My Mind Is Free”
“Wild Life”
“The Immortal”
“Glorious Life”
“The Rise & The Fall”
“Lightning Strikes”
“Life In The City”

“Fixated” video:

“My Mind Is Free” video:

Demise Of The Crown is:

Darren Beadman - Vocals
Manuel Iradian - Lead Guitar
Kevin Alexander - Drums
Simon Doiron – Bass
Vince Doiron – Guitar

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