DAVID ELLEFSON Shows Off His MEGADETH Collectibles; Video

May 7, 2018, 10 months ago

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DAVID ELLEFSON Shows Off His MEGADETH Collectibles; Video

In this new video, bassist David Ellefson shows off some Megadeth rare finds he's collected over the past 35 years:

During a visit with The New And Improved Super Retro Throwback Reviews: The Audio Files podcast, Ellefson was asked if there was any interest for more Big 4 shows with Slayer, Anthrax, and Metallica.

"Metallica are the ones who run the show, so, obviously, we're very thankful they even considered it the first time," Ellefson said. "Obviously, they're a very big band, and we're proud of 'em in our genre, because they sit up there in the echelons of U2 and The Rolling Stones, I mean, the biggest of the big, and it's so cool that a thrash metal band would be sitting up in that ivory tower, if you will.

"Look, if they ever wanted to do it again, of course, we would be happy," he continued. "But now we have another issue, which is Slayer is calling it a day. They've announced their farewell; I don't know when that's gonna end exactly. So I'm certainly glad we captured it when we did, because when Metallica put that offer out to all of us to get together and do that, that really solidified all of us… they pulled us up to their level, which was really cool. That's kind of the ultimate kind of servanthood mentality, they came down to where we are and lifted us up to where they are.

"You can now pre-order my new book More Life With Deth, co-written by Thom Hazaert, and featuring Alice Cooper, Brian Head Welch, and more, directly from empmerch.com," says Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. "All pre-order copies will come signed, and are tentatively expected to ship in November. It is available to order in both English and Spanish versions. (But international shipping and exchange rates are terrible, and we have no control over it.).

"Also, since we are self-publishing this time, through our newly created EMP (Ellefson Music Press) Books, we have set up the pre-order with a few optional perks, as there is a lot of expense in the editing, setup, and marketing, especially since the last one was released by a major publisher, and the bar is high!

"We have added a limited 'Special Backer' add-on, which for an additional cost ($50) your name (or whatever name you choose) will be listed in a special thanks section in the book. Also, the first 20 people that order with the backer option will receive a full set of my stage used SIT Strings bass strings, played on stage with Megadeth, and marked with the city they were used in. Also, one lucky backer will be chosen at random to receive a FREE David Ellefson signature Jackson Guitars Official Bass!

"As always, a HUGE thank you to everyone who supports me in this, and all of my endeavors! I will see you on the road, and can't wait for you all to be able to read More Life With Deth. (It will also be available upon release on Amazon.com etc., and might even be a little cheaper. But this pre-order is the ONLY place to get a signed copy, direct from me, and all pre-orders go to fund the creation and distribution of the book.)."

(Cover art and photo by Melody Myers)

In live news, Megadeth's next show is June 5th at Spektrum in Oslo, Norway. To view their complete tour itinerary, click here.

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