CRASH MIDNIGHT Reveal “Another Day In Hell” Video

September 15, 2018, 10 months ago

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CRASH MIDNIGHT Reveal “Another Day In Hell” Video

Las Vegas based rockers Crash Midnight have revealed a new single and video for “Another Day In Hell”.

Vocalist Shaun Soho tells BraveWords: 

“We wrote Another Day In Hell about a year and a half ago during our trips back and forth to L.A. meeting with Sony reps to discuss an album deal.  After being wined and dined, told how excited they were to bring us on board, and that they'd be drawing up the papers that week - hell, we left with fucking Sony coffee mugs as gifts haha.  The week went by and the contracts never came and the calls went un-returned.

“We finally got a weak explanation of something to the effect of the budget being an issue and the timing etc.  This is what led us to say the hell with labels and just do it all ourselves since major distro is cheap and easy, terrestrial radio is on life-support, and streaming is where it's at. 

“I really dig how the track came out.  It has sort of a Leonard Cohen via Hank Moody from Californication vibe to it.”

Crash Midnight recently released their single and video for “Diamond Boulevard”.

Soho told BraveWords:

“This song has been with us for a long time.  We had several producers try to put their own stamp on it, but we always liked it the way we originally wrote it.  After we got the song back from our last label, we decided to put this thing out the way we intended and that's what you're getting.  

“‘Diamond Boulevard’ was written about the reality of this situation going on with the band in our early days when things were beginning to take off.  We had so many people coming out of the woodwork looking to lock us into deals and take a piece of what we were doing.  To everyone on the outside, it looked like things were great, but behind the scenes, everything was fucked - from some bullshit contracts we'd been naive enough to get pushed into signing to just a lot of empty promises from ‘industry’ people.  That's why we started closing every show with this song and still do to this day.  It's become our anthem railing against everything that tried to hold us back or get in our way.

“It's real cool that this original version of the song is going to come out right in time for the first of our Crash The Boulevard recurring headline nights at Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas, June 1st.  We're going to be performing it the way it was originally written for the first time in years that night.  Crash The Boulevar" is a scene night that we've put together with Brooklyn Bowl to showcase some of best breakout artists in the Las Vegas scene and really put this town back on the map for rock ‘n' roll.  Brooklyn Bowl has even been genius (or insane) enough to let us throw one of our infamous after-parties upstairs in their Roxy Room after the show.  So this thing is going to be just like one of our early shows back in Boston, just with a lot bigger budget."

Head to this location for more information on the Crash The Boulevard event.

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