ASENBLUT Discusses Why They Sing In German – “It’s Our Mother Tongue; It’s Our Heritage”

February 13, 2018, 9 months ago

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ASENBLUT Discusses Why They Sing In German – “It’s Our Mother Tongue; It’s Our Heritage”

German Viking metal/melodic death metal are releasing their new EP, titled Legenden, on February 16th, through AFM Records. Vocalist Tetzel (also known as Tetzel Halbgottschmiede) called in to Metaleater headquarters to talk to Tony Antunovich about the new EP.

Why the band chooses to sing primarily in German:

"It's not because of the lack of the command over the English language. When we started with the band, I was already studying English, and to study English you basically have to speak English fluently. So that was not the issue. I think it's a lot harder to express in a diverse and interesting way in German, because German has a lot less words than English, and to actually express something in your mother tongue and to put it into words that are interesting and also ... to give it a certain tone. That's not easy. I wrote for some bands lyrics in English actually and I always found it so easy. It was the bigger challenge to write in German, and I also always thought it's our mother tongue; it's our heritage. Why should we sing in a different language?"

Pagan metallers Asenblut will release their new EP, Legenden, on February 16th via AFM Records. A video for "Asenblut" from the upcoming release can be found below.

The EP takes a look at the early days of Aufbruch while taking a huge step forward at the same time: four songs from the band’s early days, re-recorded and refined in the most perfect way, again by Mr. Sebastian “Seeb” Leevermann (Orden Ogan) in his Greenman Studios.

As a very special treat, the EP also includes a cover version of Manowar’s “God Or Man”.


“Die Legende” (2018)
“Heldenbürde” (2018)
“Asenblut” (2018)
“God Or Man” (Manowar cover)
“Von Des Verräters Untergang” (2018)

“Asenblut” (2018) video:

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