70000 Tons Of Metal – Day 1: The Dark Side, Seaside

January 12, 2020, 2 months ago

Mark Gromen

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The tenth installment of 70K Tons kicked off with an evil roar, courtesy of heavyweights like Emperor, Exodus, At The Gates and Vio-lence. Over the course of the next three, brain addled and rattled days, the mood lightened, but not the music. Shipping out Tuesday, at 5 PM, and with the main, on-deck stage still under construction, the initial night offers the least number of bands (23), as the global attendees (re-) acquaint themselves. 

Other Day 1 notables included Soilwork, a 3:45 AM set from Seven Witches (with James Rivera back on vocals) and Kissin' Dynamite. A full report, stem-to-stern, will be posted soon, alongside interviews with some of the heavy hitters.


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NIGHTWISH – “Noise” (Nuclear Blast)

NIGHTWISH – “Noise” (Nuclear Blast)

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