LIV SIN – Starting The Fire

October 21, 2019, 9 months ago

By Greg Prato

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LIV SIN – Starting The Fire

Swedish metallists, Liv Sin, recently returned with the follow-up to their 2017 debut, Follow Me - entitled Burning Sermons (via Despotz Records). Led by singer Liv Jagrell (formerly of Sister Sin...hence, the band’s name), Burning Sermons shows that the band is rocking heavier and harder than ever.

“First of all, we had more time on this one, and more ideas to start with,” explains Jagrell about what separates the sophomore offering from their debut. “Then second, we didn't go in the studio for just one period of time, we kind of took it bit by bit over a longer period, which gave the songs time to grow and change.”

And one obvious difference between the two discs is that the band allowed their producer more room to do his thing on Burning Sermons. “It definitely has a different sound to it since we let Emil Nödtveidt, our producer, play around with different electronic parts.”

And this different approach is certainly heard on one of the album’s standout tracks, “Blood Moon Fever.” “I got the idea of the title when I was in Croatia last summer, and it was that big red blood moon. I read a lot about the meaning of the blood moon, about letting go of old things, taking back the intentions and don't look back, and that became ‘Blood Moon Fever’.”

Also featured is a duet between Liv and Björn “Speed” Strid (the latter of which has previously sung with the likes of I Legion, Disarmonia Mundi, Terror 2000, Coldseed, The Night Flight Orchestra, and Soilwork) on the track “Hope Begins To Fade.” “We talked about having guests and it’s obviously easier to get someone in the same country, so when we shot out names his name came up. And since I know him a little, I asked, and fortunately for us, he had the time to both record and shoot a video. We are really happy to have him on board.”

And in addition to the video for “Hope Begins To Fade,” Liv Sin has also issued another video, for the aforementioned “Blood Moon Fever.” In the former clip, both flames and headbanging are prominently featured...before Strid strolls out and joins in on the fun. And concerning the latter, veteran metal journalist Krusher Joule introduces the band (while they stroll down the street), before the band mimes the tune against a pitch black background.

Other highlights off Burning Sermons include the rapid fire riff rocker “Chapter Of The Witch,” the metallic crunch of “Slave To The Machine,” and the quite Iron Maiden-esque “War Antidote.” But a personal favorite of Liv’s turns out to be “Death Gives Life Meaning,” and for a simple reason - “Cuz I just love that thrashy guitar riff, and it's really fun to play live.”

Liv Sin’s line-up is rounded out by guitarists Patrick Ankermark and Chris Bertzell, bassist Tomie Winther, and drummer Per Bjevoluk, who have just returned from playing shows in Spain - and would like to do more touring in 2020 (“We'll see what happens next year, it's been a bit rough on the touring part, we hope that will change”). But when fans do get a chance to catch Liv Sin live on stage again, the singer offered a preview of what to expect. “As always, we focus on giving 100% with energy, and giving the fans a great experience.”

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