SILK9 Premier "I Don't Know"

January 29, 2018, 22 days ago

U.S. rockers Silk9 released their Retribution EP on January 5th through the newly formed RFL Records. BraveWords is premiering the rocking new video from the band with “I Don’t Know”.

Guitarist Anthony Leone comments: “Thanks so much for taking time to check out our video for ‘I Don't Know,’ off the new SiLK9 EP, Retribution. To quickly give you some incite, ‘I Don't Know’ is about struggles. You may have struggles in life, or you may have addictions…regardless, we want everyone to know that even though things may feel at the worst, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Even when moving forward may feel like falling far behind, it’s only temporary! Grab and cherish the good days, and let go of the bad ones."

A press release states about Retribution: “Five high energy and flat-out aggressive tunes that will burn the soul and etch new depths into your metal core; melody that stretches the heart; a heavy beat that ravages your mind; a pre-cursor to the brand new full-length album planned for 2018. The dawn of a new era launches and the thunder that is SiLK9 is set to take the hard rock world by storm.”


“Knife In My Back”
“Erased My Memories”
“I Don’t Know”
“Shattered And Stained”

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