SEMANTIC SATURATION Premiere “Carousel Of Death”

August 8, 2018, 8 days ago

Shant Hagopian, Canadian guitarist, and songwriter launches the long awaited and highly anticipated music video and single entitled “Carousel Of Death”, a truly musical treasure and captivating masterpiece from Paradigms, which is the second dazzling record from the progressive metal project Semantic Saturation.

The “Carousel Of Death” music video features drummer Craig Blundell, bassist Kristoffer Gildenlöw, guitarist Shant Hagopian and guest musician Alex Argento, among other actors and talented director Richard Bastarache; who delivers an extremely pleasing and attractive story in a styled fashion, embarking the viewer on a journey full of magic, burlesque, sorcery, fire breathing and death itself.  

Paradigms is set to release on August 20th and will include ten majestic anthems.

The laudable array of ten compositions conveys a multitudinous variety of changing moods, while inventively preserving the album's grand paradigm* of musical intrigue and astounding mastery.  

Paradigms is available in CD, Special Edition CD & DVD, Vinyl and digital formats through the band’s website. Orders come with custom limited edition guitar picks, and a postcard carrying a message, signed personally by Shant Hagopian.


“Mirrors Of Confusion”
“Carousel Of Death”
“Empty Whisky Jar”
“The Stranger From Andromeda”
“Until We Meet Again”
“Ulterior Harmony”
“Disturbance Within”
“Where Dreams Have Died”

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