RICH DAVIS – “Mantra”

March 27, 2018, a month ago

Mystic-Force and Shift founder Rich Davis is back with a brand new song/video entitled “Mantra”. The song demonstrates Rich’s ability to combine powerful notes with bone-crushing beats and guttural vocals.

Mantra by Rich Davis on VEVO.


Rich states about the song, "No Mantra needed for me. I'm Good", He continues, "This is for people out there who feel the need to hang on to all the bitterness in life. Going through life and keeping your sanity is not an easy thing to do. My suggestion. Let things go and get a Mantra.”

Purchase the new single “Mantra” at Amazon and 7Digital. The song will also be available at iTunes, Spotify and other digital media outlets in the coming weeks.

As previously announced, Crushing Notes Entertainment have secured digital release rights to upcoming singles from Rich Davis in the upcoming year, which is expected to culminate into a full length album later in 2018. Plus, official music videos are to be released to accompany each brand new single.

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