OBITUARY Shows You “Ten Thousand Ways To Die”

March 25, 2017, a month ago

Obituary has released a stellar new platter of death metal with their new, self-titled album, available now through Relapse Records. Check out the cool, animated video for “Ten Thousand Ways To Die”.


Check out BraveWords’ review of the new album at this location.

The album art was created by Andreas Marschall.

Obituary tracklisting:

“Sentence Day”
“A Lesson In Vengeance”
“End It Now”
“Kneel Before Me”
“It Lives”
“Turned To Stone”
“Straight To Hell”
“Ten Thousand Ways To Die”

Featured Audio

DANZIG - "Devil On Hwy 9" (Evilive)

DANZIG - "Devil On Hwy 9" (Evilive)

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MINDMAZE – “Sign Of Life”

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