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To avoid any confusion, the roots of BraveWords (the website) began in early 1994 with the launch of the “Metal” Tim Bits “baby magazine” (as Gene Simmons puts it). In May of 1994, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles reared its ugly head and soon after it would simply change to BW&BK until its untimely demise in early 2009, a record-setting run for rock music publications in Canada. launched in 2000 and that is when the overlap and cross-promotion between the magazine and website began. As a result, officially, BraveWords has been waving the flag of hard rock and heavy metal for two decades—below are the reasons why:


“Metal” Tim Henderson

Marketing & Sales

“Metal” Tim Henderson

Administration Manager

Scott Cairns

Senior Writers

Martin Popoff (Canada)

Carl Begai (Germany)

Mark Gromen (US)

Aaron Small (Canada)

David Perri (Canada)

Greg Pratt (Canada)

Kelley Simms (US)

Jason Deaville (Canada)


BraveWords OnLine News Team

Scott Cairns

Carl Begai

Aaron Small

Nick Balazs

Social Media Manager

Kim Baarda



Mark Gromen (US)

Håkon Grav (Norway)

Alitzia Tyminski (Canada) 

Jennifer Bartram-Schmitt (US)

Joe Kleon (US)

Mats Andersson (Sweden)

Kim Baarda (Canada)

James Pesature (US)

James Garvin (US)

Tracy Simpkins (US)

David Bell (UK)


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DANZIG - "Devil On Hwy 9" (Evilive)

DANZIG - "Devil On Hwy 9" (Evilive)

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MINDMAZE – “Sign Of Life”

MINDMAZE – “Sign Of Life”

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